Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bournemouth Naturally Wildlife Walks and Workshops

Bournemouth Naturally is a new project, based at Bournemouth Natural Science Society, that aims to get people out onto their local greenspace recording wildlife. Discover the wildlife on your doorstep and help build up a picture of the biodiversity of Bournemouth. We need you to get out onto the wonderful greenspaces of Bournemouth and start recording your wildlife sightings; the BNSS (and partners) are offering a variety of workshops and guided walks if you would like some help getting started.

Saturday 4th August – Dragonfly Identification Workshop and Walk
Indoor Identification Workshop - 10am BNSS
A talk by local dragonfly expert and vice county recorder Andrew Brown, this will include information about dragonfly and damselfly ecology and guidance on identification of the wonderful variety of species encountered on sites in Bournemouth.
Dragonfly/Damselfly Identification Walk - 2pm Iford Meadows
A visit to a local greenspace adjacent to the river Stour where you can you can learn more about the habitat of dragonflies and damselflies and practice identification under the guidance of Andrew.

Saturday 15th September – Reptile Identification Workshop and Walk
Indoor Identification Workshop - 10am BNSS
Talk by Richard Sharp from Amphibian and Reptile Conservation outlining the ecology and identification of reptile species found in Bournemouth with an exercise to practice identification skills and survey techniques.
Reptile Identification Walk - 2pm Turbary Common, Bournemouth.
A visit to an important local site that is home to all six native species of reptile, learn more about heathland conservation and practice your reptile identification skills under Richards guidance.

All Bournemouth Naturally wildlife walks and workshops are free to attend. Please note:
  • Workshops may be limited by numbers so please contact project officer Heather Dixon (contact details below) if you are interested in coming along to a workshop or walk.
  • Outdoor sessions may be subject to cancellation in bad weather so please provide an email address or contact number where possible.
  • If attending both a workshop and a walk you will be required to have a form of transport between the two locations however there may be an opportunity to share a lift so please let Heather know before the session if you will need transport.
  • When coming along to all day sessions please bring a packed lunch, suitable footwear for walking and suitable clothing for the weather conditions.
  • Please be aware BNSS is not in a position to provide a qualified first-aider for guided walks and workshops.
  • We will be announcing dates for many more wildlife workshops and walks during the course of the project so please keep an eye on the Bournemouth Natural Sciences Society website.
For more information please contact the Bournemouth Naturally Project Officer – Heather Dixon at Bournemouth Natural Science Society (BNSS), 39 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3NS or Email: or Mob: 07590909933.

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