Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Join ARC in tomorrow's State of Nature 'Tweet-a-thon!'

Following the release of the RSPB’s State of Nature report last week, ARC’s Jim Foster will be on Twitter tomorrow from 10:00 -11:00am for the State of Nature live ‘tweet-a-thon’. Tweet with your questions, interesting facts, photos and videos on frogs, toads and newts @ARC_Bytes using #naturesintrouble.
We all have a role to play. We will be highlighting ways to take action for nature and want lots of people to get involved! Follow developments at #naturesintrouble and read the report at www.rspb.org.uk/stateofnature

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Amendment to last blog regarding RSPB's State of Nature Tweet-a-thon on Wednesday 29th May.  Please note that Jim Foster will be answering your questions on frogs, toads and newts from 10am - 11am (not 9am-10am).  Get your questions ready.  In the meantime follow progress on #naturesintrouble
Yesterday was a big day for nature.

For the first time ever, all of the UK's leading wildlife organisations joined forces to undertake a health check on nature & together we launched the State of Nature report with the help of Sir David Attenborough.
To celebrate this unique partnership, RSPB are hosting a tweet-a-thon on Wednesday 29 May from 9am-6pm. Using the hashtag #naturesintrouble, eight wildlife organisations will be taking part in this marathon event, each with one hour to answer your questions.
Organisations taking part along with Amphilbian and Reptile Conservation are BugLife, Kew, Butterfly Conservation, People's Trust for Endangered Species, Bumblebee Conservation, Wildlife Trusts and RSPB.
Jim Foster, Conservation Director for ARC will be hosting a session on frogs, toads and newts between 9am and 10am so please send in your questions and he will be happy to answer.
More details and a full schedule of the day will be posted on the RSPB blog shortly. In the meantime, follow #naturesintrouble on Twitter for the latest updates.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Ground-breaking "State of Naure" Report launched today!

The UK’s nature is in trouble.  For the first time ever all of the UK’s leading wildlife organisations have joined forces to undertake a health check on the state of the country’s nature.  RSPB will be publishing the “State of Nature” report today, pulled together by a coalition of leading conservation and research organisations, of which ARC is a partner.  This report is based on data gathered by an army of thousands of dedicated and passionate volunteers in their spare time.  The report makes it clear that we cannot save wildlife with nature reserves alone; there must be a change in the way we tackle this problem in the future, for both the environment and our own good.  All parts of society have a role to play, from farmers and conservationists, to politicians and business leaders, to the public.

The report will be launched tonight by Sir David Attenborough at the Natural History Museum in London.  It reveals that 60% of the species studied have declined over recent decades.  More than one in ten of all species assessed are under threat of disappearing.  This trend is mirrored in Surrey and across the south east of England.  ARC’s Matthew Dowse will be discussing this with BBC Radio Surrey at 8.05am this morning – tune in to hear more.

Catch up with the State of Nature Report on BBC Breakfast from 6am this morning where ARC’s Conservation Director, Jim Foster, will be on the sofa.  You can follow developments at #naturesintrouble and you can read the report at www.rspb.org.uk/stateofnature