Monday, 12 October 2009

Joint Scientific Meeting 2009 - details announced

Some of the UK’s top conservationists will be presenting the latest scientific research on amphibians and reptiles, in a special event organised by Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and the British Herpetological Society.

The theme of this year’s Joint Scientific Meeting will be ‘Amphibian and Reptile Biology and Conservation’ and presentations will cover a number of interesting topics including the role of the lunar cycle in amphibian reproduction, the origins of dwarfism in boas and how cattle grazing could be impacting on the conservation of the UK’s rarest snake, the smooth snake.

The Joint Scientific Meeting takes place on the Sunday 6th December 2009 at Bournemouth Natural Science Society, Dorset. To see the programme, and for details on how to register, please click here.

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