Thursday, 20 October 2011

As the nights draw in...

At this time of year we still sometimes get occasional reports of reptiles and amphibians sightings – these range from lizards or snakes basking in the last of the autumn sun to frogs and toads out hunting for food on cool, damp evenings. In both cases, the animals are preparing for hibernation and don’t need any human help unless caught away from shelter during a very sudden cold snap. If this does happen, they will be very sluggish and can be gently moved to a nearby area that provides shelter – such as a clump of vegetation, log or rock pile. Britain’s herpetofauna is well-adapted to cope with even the coldest of winters but our autumn weather can sometimes catch them out – especially with our present very variable weather! When winter really kicks in ponds may freeze over. For more information about what to do when this happens visit the ARC frequently asked questions pages here

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