Thursday, 9 February 2012

Town Common Public Consultation - Have your say!

After years of hard work by many different organisations there is now a Draft Plan for the on-going management of this important wildlife site. The plan has been produced, with the help of facilitators, by a Steering Group consisting of wildlife organisations as well as groups representing the local community. From ARCs perspective we hope the plan will allow us to continue to conserve the important wildlife and habitats found on Town Common, and to fulfil our obligations as managers of SSSI heathland. The views of local residents, put forward by the groups representing them, have and will continue to be taken into account. We hope this will prevent the misunderstanding that has accompanied previous conservation actions on the site. Follow the link below where you can read either the full or summary Management Plan. It is important to the Steering Group that we can gauge the public response to the proposed plan so please let us know your thoughts by taking the time to fill in the Public Consultation Response Form.

Gary Powell
Senior Reserves Manager

Visit ARC's Site Management Bulletin Board for up-to-date information about work taking place on this site.

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