Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Conservation Help for Wales’s Real Dragons!

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) announce the start of a new ground breaking project dedicated to the conservation of Welsh dragons (amphibians and reptiles) and the habitats they depend on, funded by the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW).

The project, entitled Community Engagement in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation across Wales, aims to encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility for welsh biodiversity and provide opportunities for people to engage with amphibians and reptiles as part of the shared natural heritage in Wales.

There are five native species of reptiles and six native species of amphibians in Wales. These include the rare sand lizard, which was declared extinct in Wales, but a successful reintroduction program has brought them back to their homeland.

The Project will involve:
  • Promoting the recording of amphibian and reptile sightings by the public in their gardens and whilst outdoors.
  • Supporting the current network of Amphibian and Reptile Groups in Wales. If you would like to get outdoors and assist the conservation of these species please contact your local group: If there is no group in your area please contact Mark:
  • Providing training for individuals, community groups and conservation professionals.
  • Running a symposium on amphibians and reptiles in Wales to promote an exchange of ideas and knowledge about the conservation work being carried out across the country.
  • Further developing links, planning and development structures to enhance and safeguard amphibian and reptile populations.
Contacts for further information:

Mark Barber or John Wilkinson, Amphibian & Reptile Conservation, (Wales Project Officer) or (for more info on ARC and images). You can also visit our website

Contact Mark for details if your company would like to sponsor Welsh species conservation work!

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